Studio Testing with Chloe @ Elite

To round off the last week filled with test shoots and begin the long weekend in the best way, two of the girls from Elite popped into the studio for a shoot with me, as well as Rosana for hair and make-up.

We were really lucky to see Chloe on her month in town from L.A, where she is signed with Next.

We shot three looks, changing the mood each time, and chatted over Hollywood life, crazy halloween parties, Binx, and the magical place that is New Orleans.

The first look was more natural, hair down, minimal make up, loose knits and comfy fat Nike trainers.

 Look two was more classically beautiful portraiture. Hair back, black and white, a bit more skin and a lot more bokeh.

 The last look was make-up fitted around Chloe's awesome Van Halen shirt and a bit of a jig around our little space!


Top 10 Fashion Photographers of 2012: Part 1

As we enter the new year, Pandora's Thoughts take a look back at 10 of our favourite photographers from 2012. 

In part 1 here we give you from 10 down to 6, photographers from all over the world bring their visions to life...

Image Copyright Danny Baldwin
#10: Danny Baldwin.

 London photographer Danny Baldwin, found his place in Fashion Photography while modelling.

 Citing his influence as counter-culture, and seeing Fashion photography as a way to create something innovative in another realm, it's no wonder this emerging talent has already been published in the likes of Vogue, Q, Grazia and others besides.

Alongside his perfectly contrasted black and whites, Danny's images often have a use of vivid colors, and strong shape structures to give bold intensity to his work.

 The hardworking gent finds the time to balance his own work alongside running a studio, available for hire to other photographers (expect to see us shooting there during 2013!). Just another reason to say "hats off Mr Baldwin!".

Image Copyright Paola Kudacki
#9: Paola Kudacki

Paola Kudacki has so many things we love about her it was hard to know where to start. This wonderful Argentinean pro shoots regularly for the big names in the magazine world, including our favourite i-D. 

A creative soul, Paola explored many creative avenues including painting, ballet dancing, styling and art direction before finding her place as a photographer, and quite the place she has made for herself!

Her style is reminiscent of old Fashion Photography masters Richard Avedon & Helmut Newton, almost tipping her hat to the classics, as if to say thank you for paving the way.

Her 2012 photography "conquests" include covers for Harpers Bazaar with the likes of Taylor Swift and Salma Hayek. This globe trotting talent is currently working non-stop, managing shoots and splitting her time between New York, London, Paris and L.A.

Image Copyright Ian Cole
#8: Ian Cole

Multi-tasking ninja Ian Cole is a fashion and art photographer, magazine editor and founder of Client Publishing (publisher of fashion & art magazines, books and downloads). 

Oh yes - and he still manages to find the time to retouch all his own work, AND scout models on the odd occasion.

We love Ian's textured film style of photography, in an age where the digital kids rule the roost, he maintains a modern twist on times gone by. His images often have a nod towards the 60's or 70's, either in styling or imaging techniques. This is a man who loves film and isn't afraid to wear it on his sleeve, through his lens or on the pages of the magazines he features in. 

Image Copyright Cecilie Harris
#7: Cecilie Harris

Cecilie Harris is a Norwegian photographer based in London (and self-confessed lover of chocolate).

She founded project Boys by Girls Magazine, which is an editorial publication comprised of male models photographed by female photographers.

The reason we were initially drawn to her images is the innocence of youth and playfulness in them,  while all at the same time feeling something deep and meaningful brewing just under the surface. The use and balance of these two elements is a special quality (and no easy feat), one which Cecilie Harris has accomplished it impeccably well.

An incredibly creative photographer, her style is distinctive, consistent and effortlessly stylish, and her photography tells beautiful stories in the depth and direction of the models she works with.
We look forward to what she'll be producing in 2013!

Image Copyright Cameron Alexander
#6: Cameron Alexander

We love Cameron Alexander's stark and honest images, which immediately strike you as being alive with a strange intensity.

With a certain something of 70's europe about them, they evoke a raw moment in time that you wished you could be inside.

His is a style that many photography peers embracing the digital age steer away from for something more glossy.
However he hasn't gone unnoticed by the likes of Dazed & Confused, i-D, Hero and other publications, where this young talent has already been published, and signed by UK & US photographic agents.

More great things to come from him are on the horizon, and we hope a further delve into film lies in his future!

We'll be releasing Part 2 of our countdown of our 2012 photographer picks, as well as our tips for the coming year!

Photographer Links:


Chantelle @ D1 Models London

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