Doing the Washing with Jasper Garvida

Hey Pandora’s Thoughts readers, Jordanna here, and let me tell you, last night was splendiferous...

As a huge fan of Jasper Garvida, I was lucky enough to be invited to a fashion event at the Miele Gallery in Cavendish Square, London. The evening began, the gallery brimming with stylish appliances being lounged upon by exceptionally stylish fashion bloggers. I arrived with windswept hair and immediately happened upon the stylish Kit from Styleslicker.com, who has followed Jasper’s work from the beginning and is also a stylist and budding photographer. Kit was so friendly and kind enough to photograph my one-to-one interview with Jasper. Fi, from Save Our Shoes, and Reena, from fashion Daydreams were also in attendance and links to both of their blogs can be found at the bottom of this post.

Miele gave an extremely informative presentation about their products, I was especially impressed to find out that a selection of silk dresses that Jasper was showing us had been washed in a Miele machine! Goodbye expensive and harmful dry cleaning! Seriously, any washing machine that can detect the type of fabric that you have loaded it with and adjust the water and cycle to conserve water and energy is worth it’s weight in gold.

After this, Jasper talked through his inspirations and aspirations, as well as displaying his extremely beautiful and sophisticated A/W 2010 Collection, aptly named ‘Venus’, which he recently showcased at London Fashion Week. Inspired by Louise Brooks and Film Noir, the collection looks and feels as though it’s come straight from the set of a sexy 1920’s gangster film. The gowns are even more stunning up close and are living proof that Jasper is the king of elloborate embellishments.

Finally, during our 1-2-1 interview the Project Catwalk winner was extremely warm and friendly. He spoke of his mom (I would say mum but Jasper and I are both Canadian!) and how she has contributed to him becoming the designer he is today. Though Jasper thinks Canada tends to follow American fashion too closely, he still believes that Canada has a lot of talent to offer the industry. He also mentioned the bespoke service he now offers, which mirrors high-end couture, an area which he wishes to enter very soon.

Jasper was kind enough to give up his time and also to offer advice to me as a designer, to which I will forever be indebted to him for.


Miele and Forever Better:      http://www.miele.co.uk/showrooms/

Kit/Style Slicker: http://styleslicker.com/


Fashion Daydreams: http://www.fashiondaydreams.com/

Save Our Shoes: http://saveourshoes.blogspot.com/

Truly an inspiration and an unforgettable experience!

Thanks to Miele, Forever Better and Jasper Garvida.

Jordanna xo

Jasper Garvida:
(All photo's courtesy of Kit - Styleslicker! Thanks again Kit!)

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