Testing - Still Life

We had our first model test shoot last week and wanted to share the photos with you! It was right after my final term submission (which was brutal and I hadn't slept weeks it seems) and with Mel busy working full time and house hunting we were exhausted but determined to get some good shots out of it!

First to arrive was Make up artist Hayley Sorrell who was like an espresso to wake us up - she had us laughing out loud and ready to go! Next through the door was model and designer Anna Popovich, models Kimberley Thomson and Jenny Cvetoshenko and lastly menswear designer Lisette Norrby.

We wanted to do 2 looks of each model and a few portrait shots of Lisette, and here are the results.





By the end of shooting we were both deadly quiet while packing up our equipment. We were absolutely knackered but all in all pretty happy with how the day unfolded.

Thanks so much again to Hayley Sorrell, Anna Popovich,  Kimberley Thomson, Jenny Cvetoshenko, and Lisette Norrby.


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