"The Artist is the Creator of Beautiful Things"

The above is the first line of the preface written by Oscar Wilde for his book which would go on to become not only a classic in literary terms, but would also become an inspiration in the fashion world. Namely, for Corrie Nielsen's 2012 Spring Summer Collection.

I must begin by saying these words most certainly ring true in the case of the 2010 Fashion Fringe winner, who has once again brought a haunting and atmospheric collection to the table (as well as a personal favourite of the week for me).


Although her last season was hosted at the esteemed Somerset House BFC Tent; My Beautiful Fashion's eerie space at The Old Sorting Office suits Miss Nielsen's style a great deal more. The black abyss surrounding the concrete catwalk and the runway lit by light bulbs which appeared to float in the nothingness.

The collection "Arbiter Elegantiarum" takes its main inspiration from the classic novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray". This, and drawing on Japanese pleats and folded structures complete the look seamlessly.

As one who indulges often in literature of this period, it was clear to me that the words of Dorian Gray were sewn into the very stitching. From the first portrait sittings, to the opium dens; from the high society parties, to the inevitable downward spiral and demise of our hero turned villain. I greedily devoured this collection with my eyes page after page, piece after piece.


It was all there, in the gothic and luxurious colour palette, enhanced with silks and ties in all the right places. Some of the evening wear went one step past the depraved Dorian into the eastern type setting of The Torture Garden, moulding indulgence and self-control into one (I wish I could have applied some self-control against the temptation of the scrumptious goodies supplied to us by Starbucks under my seat).

For a designer originating from what is warmly known as the sunshine state, I am in awe of her ability to produce such a chilling tale; told so exquisitely. I could see the mist settling over London while the ever youthful creatures crept around in the shadows, selling their souls for an immortalised piece from this collection.

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