My fairytale ending by Elisa Palomino

Each time Fashion Week is drawing to a close I'm grateful for the shows which make me forget how effing tired I am.

This season for me that show was the surprise of Elisa Palomino. Impromptu and unexpected, on the way out from A La Disposition we were invited upstairs to the show just waiting to start. Seeing as we didn't already have tickets I thought it was going to be just a "whatever may as well" kind of thing, however as a photographer first and foremost it was my favourite show of the week.

As we made our way to the photographer's pit we were given a clue that this was going to be "my show" as the goody bags sitting on each seat read "Madrid. Un estilo de vida" which translates to "Madrid. A way of life". To give you an idea of just how in love with Spain I am, Jordanna thinks I live on Paella and siesta under my desk between 3 and 5pm each day.

The collection itself is inspired by the Victorian fairy painting movement.

Very surreal with fantastical head pieces to elongate the maxi dresses even more.

The creations span a wide colour palette from Chinese inspired glowing reds, to impish pastel tones.

With a haunting soundtrack accompaniment, Elisa's collection felt like something a little out of the mystical east, a little out of Lord of the Rings.

So, we say a gracious thank you to the unexpected designer of the week, for waking us up with a refreshing fairytale.

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