Paul Costelloe - Do si do?


I know it might be controversial but I love Paul Costelloe. There - I said it. I love him.  His lines are swingy and sweet and the fact that he has opened London Fashion week for about the past howevermany years - and he still looks like he is loving it makes me feel absolutely grinny.

Sure, other designers are newer to the game so they should be given a bit of leeway, but at a Paul Costelloe show you can almost feel the lack of tension - like the air is lighter and that somehow there is a breeze; there are no hissy fits happening backstage nor steamers being thrown at interns. If I am wrong about this, please no one tell me!!! Keep the illusion alive as I would just as much like to think that Paul Costelloe is like my long lost uncle who always has a stock of Werthers Original in his pocket as I would that the chef in the restaurant I am in (and just saw exiting the loo's) washed his paws before tossing my salad.

The collection was a bright mix of purples, creams, mauves and the odd jailbird striping thrown in for good measure. The men's suits were sort of languid in their cut and held a certain amount of posh disregard, I loved the styling and use of Clark Kent specs. My favourite piece was a bell shaped halterneck dress which  sloped down over the arms instead of under them introducing bare shoulders and a sleeve. Delightful!

The socks and sandals clashed perfectly (yes you read this right - sometimes clashing works better than a match - have you never heard that opposites attract?) with the country music bumping through the BFC tent  I felt that I was back in Calgary at Stampede Week, and it got the ball rolling quite nicely on SS 2012.

No Werthers in my goodie bag though... Next year I hope!

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