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Liverpudlian CSM MA Menswear alum Christopher Shannon really slathered the icing on the big fat fashion week cake for me this season with a collection that could as easily be seen in a glossy high end commercial magazine (gasp! sorry for using the c word) as it could in Dalston or as it could be seen flashed on CCTV on the back of a looter in Tottenham. Shannon has stated in the past that he is a music geek who spent a lot of his youth watching music video's and reading Smash Hits, and this influence, as well as his inspiration for this collection, Leslie Winer's Witch album, was highly apparent and easily felt.

The pieces are extremely well balanced, strong and stern but with this sort of attitude that says "F*#@ing rights I'm wearing tassels." If his strength of versatility and ability to appeal to a myriad of varying types of stylish young men remains with him, he is set... Not many designers can manage to be well respected and relevant and still be considered cool. And yet Shannon has wholeheartedly managed it.

The mix of formal edged tailoring and texture in the shorts and trousers sat smashingly against the loose Americana style sweatshirts, and technical nylon fabrics. Navy and white tassel details, navy and orange square cut patterns and varying degree's of brightly coloured collage prints all cut across the body at different points throughout the collection. This moving line, not unlike water rising and falling in a tank, provided an interesting variance across the pieces and tied the collection together in a purposefully obtuse sort of way.

A bag that looked like a jacket tied around the waist and multicoloured handmade hair comb pieces in collaboration with Craig Green fastened to the models heads were the perfect accessorial accompaniment to his expertly produced designs. Working in partnership with footwear company Swear, each look is finished with raised platform, two tone soled brogues.

As I said... Icing on the cake. CAAAKE! I just love a bit of cake! I just love it I do!!

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