Aching Abs (In a good way!) with Work Out Life

PT was recently asked to take photo’s at a lush yoga event at Shoreditch House hosted by newly launched performance based fashion brand Work Out Life (WOL).

Biscuit Tin room at Shoreditch House

We even love WOL hairbands!!!

Work Out Life is a three tiered label based on its namesake which seeks to satisfy  the highly active customer who doesn’t want to sacrifice her style – think Dries Van Noten does Downward Dog…

Their launch collection is expertly designed by leading London designer and WOL Creative Director Ebru Ercon and expert performance designer Jess Lomax to get you from your morning meeting to your spin class to your best friends birthday dinner across town without ever having to forgo your stylistic beliefs. (Hey, we all have principles and some of us refuse to wear neon pink push up sports bra’s or pack 10 outfits just to get through one day of our busy lives!!!)

Waiting for class to start!

The sun streamed through the big old windows of the beautiful Buscuit Tin room at Shoreditch House onto cushy WOL branded towels and sleek black matts. Specially blended health juices waited on the bar to refresh limber bodies after a Vinyasa Flow class with famed LA based instructor Tamal Dodge and WOL founder Beck Quade who flew in to put us through our paces.

WOL's print designer Ovelia!

WOL Founder Beck Quade Over from Down Under!
Tamal Dodge finding peace

We all wore pieces from the launch collection and it was a beautiful thing to see how the garments moved and feel how they held up against the bold movements and the heat. (Hey, I don’t sweat – I glisten!) After the class we could all catch up and chat without feeling the need to rush out of the room and rip off our old misshapen yoga gear – because despite aching abs and yoga hair – we all still looked freaking fabulous!


More about Work Out Life here : http://workoutlife.com/
If you’re in LA go to a class with Tamal here: http://www.tamalyoga.com/
In case you feel like you missed out - Work out with Work Out Life and Tamal online here!

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