Fitting Finale to LFW - Romina Karamanea

I really felt for Romina Karamanea on the closing day of LFW(and her show helpers - like Fashion for Show model Liis Tiisvelt who we bumped into). She was patiently trying to control the mobs of people waving their tickets and pushing to get in. The Freemasons who rent out their hall for use during LFW were having a meeting inside and wouldn't allow entrance to the building until they had all exited! Talk about DIVA's! So the show was substantially delayed and as it was the final show of LFW, we were all line-up and fake smiled out and our blisters had blisters from ridiculous shoes and we wanted to go home and order a take away and read the latest copy of Another... I shook my head and said to Mel that "it is unfortunate as everyone's expectations will be higher from having to wait and it isn't her fault - people may start leaving!" But no one did, and I expect that it is because we were all equally die hard fans and anxious to see what gems Ms Karamanea had to offer us this season.

I need not have worried because the room was more packed than any other show we had seen at VFS all season, and the wait only seemed to amplify the excitement as the lights lowered the base swelled and the show began.

Nature inspired prints (almost like the veins running through leaves) in white, blue and red were plentiful as well as structured asymmetrical white dresses, trenches and skirts. Many of these were draped, twisted and stitched closely with sheer coloured sashes, creating an extremely appealing texture and dimension to the garments. Ruched stretch belts were interestingly added through one half of some of the pieces, almost dividing the wearer in two. Expertly cut loose white collared shirts also extended to dresses. 


There was a sporty element to the collection which I coveted. Biker shorts, satchels, high necked tight cropped mid sleeved tops, hooded silk cover up style dresses with extended backs, shiny leather like vinyl tops and swimsuits and racer backs throughout which are my favourite kind of backs.... (along with backless backs which there was plenty of too!)! There was also men's swimwear and casual wear with swim shorts in the same nature inspired prints, shorts and white beach style shirts.


Throughout the show Romina sent out the big guns with breezy silk outfits, like a royal blue button-up jumpsuit with legs so wide it almost looked like a dress, a printed red dress with exaggerated kimono like sleeves and a stunning long red silk, blow miles out behind you in the breeze, number which unfortunately we were too busy drooling over to get a good shot of... I will keep my eyes peeled and post one if I can find! I had about 10 favourites from this collection, including black and white printed biker shorts (and the loose trousers in the same print) and short racer back top and a sheer black and white sleeveless printed wrap over a sleeveless shirt dress tied with a simple grey sash. The model looked as though she was wrapped in large leaves and her hands in her packets looked amazing through the sheer fabric!


A fitting end to London Fashion Week S/S 2011. Romina had everything against her with a tired and cranky crowd (me included) and her ability to wow us from the first look despite this is a testament to her talent and her innovative attention grabbing work. It is these things that will ensure her longevity and success in the Fashion Weeks of years to come.

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