Flora's Illuminate - Hermione de Paula S/S 2011

We were slightly late to be seated for Hermione de Paula's show due to the over running of the Swedish School of Textiles presentation downstairs at the Freemason's Hall at Vauxhalls Fashion Scout. We were happy to stand though as the building was on fire with all of the catwalk lights burning for 6 days straight! We were unfashionably "glistening" and elbowed our way to the front of the standing crowd so we could try to get a few good shots - our angle and positioning didn't serve us well and we couldn't capture the true beauty of the clothes - visit Hermione's website so you can lust over the lot! Her lines are currently being stocked at Browns so make your wish lists for S/S 2011!

This collection reminded me of the Liv Tyler film Stealing Beauty which tells the story of the sexual awakening of a young woman in Italy. The lead character is virtuous as she doesn't realise the true power of her own sexuality, beauty and fortitude, which makes her even more magnetic to those around her. de Paula's collection reflects this strength, sassyness and romantic purity perfectly in her latest collection which she remarks was inspired by Flora - The Goddess of Flowers and her desire to push away her chaste youth and welcome her corporeal adult self.

Using florals as her language, de Paula paints the picture beautifully (literally) with hand painted prints and sheer fabrics on dresses, tops, play suits and jumpsuits pulling from the late 80's and early 90's for some of the silhouettes. Tie dyes, shredded denims and loose knits were tied in to show the young rebellion of her muse. Black, white, navy and light denim with touches of maroon, blush and rose. The garment order down the catwalk seemed to alternate between primadonna and principessa, showing the stages of girl to woman. (Sorry if Britney's terrible song just came into your head... It did mine and now it won't leave!)


Congratulations Hermione de Paula, this is an exquisite collection which makes me nostalgic for my innocent youth, but also thrilled about all of the good bits that come with being a grown up.... ; )

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