Prophetik Opens London Fashion Week

And so begins our journey through LFW this season – and what a brilliant start!

Fans, Safia Minney of People Tree and shoe guru Jimmy Choo in attendance, mere mortals like me were stuck near the back of the Prophetik (Tennessee born eco-brand) show, but I saw a golden opportunity for a front row seat and jumped for it! Lens caps and goodie bag fillings went flying hitting those around me – “I’ll get those later!” I thought and climbed over a couple of rows of people to take my new front row seat – right behind a flourishing orange tree it turned out..... No wonder it was free! Seat thieves can’t be choosey so I began to take photos of the tree as if that is what I hired by Prophetik to do “I am designated orange tree photographer for LFW” I said to those around me.

Then the show began and as you can see, the view wasn’t so bad after all...  The London Tafahum Orchestra began to play, seemingly led by the backside of a hooded lady all in white accompanied by beardy banjo players The Hogslops busting out some deep South blue grass. The models began to emerge and float dreamily down the catwalk made of real grass and all of a sudden I was sitting on a horse, (tied to an orange tree...) in a garden in Tennessee at midnight watching an explorer meet his muse...


Creams, peaches, dark orange and maroon. Navy, faded denim blue, teal and minty green. Hints of black, white, plum and trims of suedy brown thrown in for good measure made up the charming colour palette of the collection. Dip dyed with plant based dyes and made with entirely sustainable fabrics, Prophetiks founder and designer Jeff Garner put on a lovely showing of flowy dresses of varied yet pleasant silhouettes, and waistcoats, bloomers and kerchiefs for the gents. Exposed zips and antique buttons dotted throughout the collection were a fine touch. Elisalex de Castro Peake of Nina Dolcetti designed the boots for the show.

The finale was a beautiful shiny blue ball gown with a cage crinoline of sorts (where can you buy sustainable crinolines these days??) underneath to give it its billowing shape, this worked marvelously with the silky fabric which flowed beautifully.

I loved this show, the eco wonderness of it, the healthy looking and smiley models, the music, the setting and most of all, the covetable clothing. Jeff Garner and the team at Prophetik will be a tough act to follow for the remaining designers this fashion week.

Warning... No grass was hurt during the making of this fashion show. It was replanted after the show!!!

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