Don't Hassle the Hoff at Krizia Robustella

The brisk wind blowing through London did nothing to snuff the sizzling hot atmosphere at Krizia Robustella's show at Vauxhalls Fashion Scout. The show opened with the sounds of the sea and with the warmth of the catwalk lights it felt like sunset as 3 models clad in 80's style one piece swimsuits emerged with Krizia Robustella written across their midriffs. In typical Robustella fashion, she exaggerated stereotypes as well as took her inspiration to the literal extreme in her S/S 2011 Baywatch inspired collection. I honestly expected the models to start running in slow motion and diving off of the end of the catwalk!

One piece suits, shorts, jumpsuits, playsuits and leggings abound in primary red, blue and yellow with lifesaver and red cross adornments. There were a few outfits made of terry towel which I will be purchasing for next years holidays - something to dry off and cover up with before heading to the chilled out beach bar! I enjoyed her use of extremely light silk chiffon's worn over swimsuits as they blew softly behind the wearer and reminded me of the weather we had earlier this summer. A fantastically fun print of binoculars and a jellyfish print with big cartoon "Ouch" lettering were my favourite's as they displayed that bit of cheekiness that Krizia Robustella is so well known for.



The encore was accompanied by the Baywatch theme tune which I couldn't help but bop along to as I regretfully put on my coat and realised that Summer is over... But I have jellyfish leggings to look forward to!

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