Ice Coooooold - Alright alright alright alright now ladies! Masha Ma

When you live in a big city you are always looking down; trying to find directions on your iphone, weaving through the crowds of the thousands of people that share the pavement or trying not get your high heels stuck in a sewage grate. It is ever so rare that you look up - look to the tops of buildings, look to the sky. Picture it, the noises of the street still surround you but the world goes a bit quiet. You have a skyscaper ahead of you, architecturally chic with strong lines and halfway up, a window is open. The sun glints off of the glass and steel and the colours are ice (white, silver, blue and blush), the colours of day feeding into night as a breeze hits your face. Sheer cotton drapery falls out from the open window and blows lightly in the breeze.

This moment to me was CSM graduate, Masha Ma's debut show for S/S 2011.


The Masha Ma woman is futuristic and individual yet feminine as she layers structured jackets with finely draped cottons. Though this collection focus's on "The Final Look", the individual components are extremely versatile and can be worn with other wardrobe bits - a definite draw for us at Pandora's! The pieces to this collection are complicated in their construction but speak of simple and unfussy beauty. Capes come in several stunning forms, both structured and draped making me think of city superhero's. Though not in the sense of saving grannies from burning buildings but rather - managing not to spill her Starbucks down her Icy White outfit whilst getting her heel caught in a sewage grate because she is trying to look at drapes falling from an open window... ! That is a Superhero!

I have had to borrow photo's of our two favourite pieces from the collection from photographer Christopher Dadey as we were unable to get a photo from where we were sitting. I love the structured cape jacket of the first look as it creates such an interesting silhouette and the sheer extension of the mini skirt as it is sexy but veiled like the wearer is keeping something back. The skirt with cape style back from the second look is absolutely gorgeous and extremely flattering, perfect for marching up the escalator at the tube station without pervy Joe Bloggs trying to sneek a peek! I can see it teamed with so many tops - a S/S 2011 staple for sure!!!


The show was absolutely rammed with people dying to see Masha's debut collection, and she certainly didn't disappoint. Roll on summer!

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