Back To Classic With Caroline Charles

Our lovely featured writer Taja Bobek makes another entry with her report on Caroline Charles' aw collection, here's what she had to say......
Fashion fact: Every quintessentially British fashion story begins with tweed.
And so, enter the Caroline Charles Autumn/Winter 2011-12 Collection. Inspired by British style heritage, Charles adopts some of its key elements with tweed, herringbone and plaid to create an updated vision of classic elegance.
This collection made its debut at Somerset House, presenting timeless pieces synonymous with the label. As I watched from my seat I could almost feel the wind of the countryside, and hear the horses galloping by on the breeze… But don’t worry, we’re not going hunting – Caroline Charles’ modern woman has more important things to think about!
The main theme of the collection was certainly a classic elegance, using a tweed jacket in particular as a key piece, this accompanied dresses with narrow belts, skirts and coats. Contrasting with this classic tone, Charles also had a clear on-trend focus, playing around with looks such as androgyny and animal print.

The latter was used when exploring transparency (result: ultra chic animal print transparent blouse), while an elongated blazer and leggings-style trousers in red fabric added a modern twist to the more masculine side of the collection. Sexiness was achieved through a black leather pencil skirt and also in combining black fabric with lace. 
And as for an alternative to the evening dress: velvet trousers, sequined top, jacket.
Caroline Charles really wanted to emphasise her understanding of tailoring, resulting in a masterfully sleek silhouette. As a counter-balance, she has some quite stunning draping to offer as well. And, oh, this fantastically soft knitwear that looks soooo warm...
A colour palette of neutrals, browns, black and red was enriched with floral prints, and spots of turquoise and purple. And towards the end of the show, there was time for sequins too!
When it comes to accessories, we absolutely have to mention the hats, framed snakeskin bag, gloves, sparkling silver brooch, and lace-up ankle boots. Detail: black buttons as a contrast on red tweed!
My absolutely favourite looks: loose black blouse-style dress, a bit of exoticism kimono-inspired jacket, and a wide belt tied over a coat.
What can I say... British countryside as elegant as never before.

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