Carlotta Gherzi.... Has Baby on Catwalk!

JUST KIDDING!!!....but the day after, quite possibly!

Carlotta Gherzi's show actually marked my first time back at the Freemason's catwalk hall this season, which got me filled with excitement, as being in that room will always remind me of our very first LFW show (Jasper Garvida A/W 2010) when I maybe took one good photo and wore heels that almost made my feet fall off.

With that excitement spurring me on, I ran off (sorry J!) to grab my favourite photospot in the house, to await the dimming of the lights.

Carlotta Gherzi hardcore as she is, put on a catwalk show when as mentioned, and unknown to us, she could pretty much have had her baby the next day! We give her total props for that, and to have been designing and organising throughout her pregnancy AND still come out for her applause with a huge smile on her face, it is inspiring!

Gherzi's clothes show quite the range of life, in that she has something for every occasion. Her designs have a very feminine edge and I feel as though she is a person designing for herself and what she would like to see women around her wearing.

Several of her pieces included an interesting pattern which mixed greys, oranges and green shades to create an almost kaleidescope pattern or painting. This pattern was cut with black figure hugging dresses to draw attention to certain aspects of the garment and make the pattern sand out.

Pastel colours played a big role in Carlotta's collection, one in particular that caught my eye was a low back pastel pink dress which pulled in at the waist.

The night ended as fairytale evenings should, with a flattering ball gown sparkling like the stars and a goodnight to the hall full of our dreams.

And what's next on the agenda for Carlotta Gherzi.... I'm betting motherhood is top of the list!

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