Bryce Aime Wants YOU!


So it's not 1812 America and this collection certainly doesn't feel like it in any way, but Bryce Aime's inspiration this season was military and the look and feel of traditional army barracks. We felt as though we had waited in line in the rain to enlist! 

Aime's army is of a more futuristic time, where humans have not seen the sun for .... ever! Mostly black on translucent white models (almost angelic) with lightning flashes of silver, blue and the softest pink. Strongly tailored and angular garments paired with softer fabrics to allow for movement when out to kill. There was a delicate print on some of the leggings that seemed almost like seeping ink. 

We loved the gorgeous tailored jackets and the lines cutting across the body, one short black circle skirt in particular and of course the avant garde final outfit of robotic silver points fit for Rihanna or Gaga. However one criticism we do have is that the lycra tights didn't seem to fit the models in some instances. We would have preferred to see a bit of ghetto booty filling up those leggings! We are not sizest - large or small - we just like clothes that fit the body right to show off the immaculate construction Aime worked so tirelessly to perfect.

Mel was so busy trying to take photo's over people with really big hair and across a girl who felt it necessary to extend her whole arm and pan her camera across our faces to follow the model the whole length of the runway, so she couldn't see the bags - but I have literally found my favourite piece to buy from the whole week - a slim leather backpack from the collaboration between Aime and the talented Bracher Emden - perfect for a Macbook Pro and my pattern master. All of the bags fit with the collection amazingly (is that a gun in your bag or are you just happy to see me captain?) but the backpack will be coming to my house as soon as I can find it...


Links: www.bryce-danice-aime.com

All photo's Pandora's Thoughts except the last 3 which we nicked from www.myfashionlife.com

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