Fashion Mode Ready's us for Autumn/Winter 2011

We love Fashion Mode. The designers are extremely talented and seem like wicked fun and we love the idea of fostering such strong design talent through this great organisation. Mel also always manages to get lush photo's too which makes it even more fantastical. It just always feels like there is magic and joy in the room at their shows.

Florian Jayet
We begin with Florian Jayet, heavily inspired by science and biology and seeking to emphasise the most powerful areas of the female form.
Modern shapes and innovative padding, like leather collar pieces and quilted satin dresses worked beautifully with the headpieces which roll the hair into tubes and have metal prongs that frame the face.
Sharp shoulders and enhanced hips emulate strength and encourage confidence and his use of padding acts as a material armour against society. "Don't even think about messing with that one" they will say. Talk about a good way to get a seat on the tube. 
Actually never mind the tube! With this garb one wouldn't feel out of place approaching the Rolls Royce waiting for someone else outside Claridges, jumping in and saying "Old Street, and make it snappy!"

James Hillman
Next was smiley James Hillman with his models dripping in hot oil... Um.... Er... Phew! I mean, his inspiration was taken from the distillation process of crude oil and the importance that crude oil plays in our society.
All in Noir to represent the nighty night darkness of the oil itself he addresses the different levels of the distillation process through his variance of fabrics (Wool cashmere, leather, and the lightweight oils are represented using ripstop and wax cottons) in the solid shades of blackest black.
The tailoring was neat and sleek and I honestly forgot where I was. Passion Pit bumping out of the sound system had me bouncing and singing along like a freak with a grin on my face.
Prophetik's Jeff Garner looks on from the front row
All I needed was an espresso and some sunglasses and I could have sworn I was in Taormina Sicily watching the modern man on his way to an important meeting.

Hillman also threw in some sexy leather manbags, the kind that you buy your boyfriend because you want to keep it for yourself...
Amazing job well done!!

Carlotta Actis Barone

Carlotta Actis Barone brought the show to a close and what a way to end it! Admittedly I am a sucker for a message (my pillowcases genuinely read "Tomorrow something magical will happen" much to the horror of my more cynical friends) so I love the fact that Barone uses her work to display her beliefs about various issues. Carlotta's skin like bodysuits addressing racism were my firm favourite pieces from last season. 
She managed it again with similar leggings, however this time she addressed her protest against cruelty towards animals, mainly seals used in the fur trade, also taking inspiration from the traditional clothing of the inuit tribes who live closely with the seals.
Navy blue represented the cold sea, white for the snow and ice, beige faux fur to represent the seals and red for the blood that is shed in the slaughter. My favourite piece (apart from the leggings) was a knit dress which graduated into a hood with drawstring side seams with pom poms on the ends. 
The hair and make up was ridiculous in a good way and we genuinely didn't want it to end. 
Being from Canada, there is a huge problem with seal culling and it is something that really bothers me. Please Carlotta, tell me where I can buy your leggings and I will wear them to my homeland in protest : )

I had a really embarrassing moment at the end of the show when trying to find some spare press releases I nicked someones goody bag from the row ahead of me (some people leave them behind and I thought this was the case) - so I began rummaging through the bag ooing and aaaahing at all of the fun contents and started putting the bits into my handbag when I heard a gentleman "um excuse me, do you think I may be able to have my goody bag?" I was so caught off guard that the first thing that came out of my mouth was: "You mean all of it?" I am not kidding.... Talk about an "I carried a watermelon" moment...  

If I can live down the shame we will definitely be back again next season, to see what new fun will be in store...

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