Aminaka Wilmont - Primitive Tribes and Music like Flying

Turn up the base and put this on while you read.... (Seriously)  Balam Acab - See Birds. It will give you the feel of the show entitled "Totem."

Totem takes inspiration from primitive tribes and their relation to animals, spirits and deities which was strongly presented throughout this dark and ravenous collection. The show began with a song from Twilight and the models emerged with glowing yellow retina's so we felt the tribal element straight off - though we were fearful it was going to be vampires against werewolves and Bella driving us batty with indecision. However the music quickly shifted and the collection was sexy and adult.

Draped silk georgette printed in bold animal hides, feathers and patterns paired with leather strapping akin to lines on a totem pole were paired with tailored shorts and trousers, pheasant feather shoulder pieces and hardcore animal hoof shoes and boots. 

The hair was IMMENSE with neat decisive braiding. Blacks, varying greys and the colours of natures darkest creatures ruled with the brightest hues on the catwalk being the ember glowing eyes of Aminaka Wilmont's tribe.

Totem woman: Strong, individual, serene and unique with damn good taste in music.


Links: www.aminakawilmont.com

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  1. AMINAKA WILMONT These images are very good- They really capture the feeling of the show. Thank you for posting them.