Masha Ma's (De)Con Woman

After Masha Ma's debut collection last season, which was Mel's fave we were very excited to see her follow up collection called "DeCon" at Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

I was blown away once again by Masha Ma's crazy cutting and ability to create luxurious folds around the female form. Zips could be seen in places making me wonder if the folds can open or be moved/removed? Very intriguing! Architecture was once again referenced, playing with hard and soft (last season we mentioned light drapes blowing out of a window of a concrete building) but this time it is the heavy drapes inside the closed window, though she still used light fabrics like satin, silk and organza to keep things soft. 

One element to the collection I really enjoyed were tops and jackets that almost looked as though they were being worn backwards, though they were constructed to fit perfectly; as well as a black dress with a split seam up the centre back that gaped open (stiffly) to shift as the wearer moved and showed what was underneath. The oversized detached collars were also spectacular because you could wear them with anything?!

Pastels like dusty pink and light grey featured once again though red tops and red patent leather boots as well as some black pieces featured which was a pleasant surprise as it gave option to those who are quiet dominants... Something we can really see in the Masha Ma woman - when we break her down and (DeCon)struct her. She is strong, experimental, quietly subtle but definitely one to watch....

Links: www.mashama.co.uk

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