John Rocha - Fashion's Coolest Father

We had tickets to see John Rocha and unfortunately for us he is very loved and the BFC tent filled up before we could force our way through security. If it were anyone else you would have overheard us complaining about PR's issuing too many tickets etc etc. However, we think John Rocha is the coolest, so we shrugged our shoulders, walked outside and watched the show on the big screen. We attended an interview with John's designer daughter Simone earlier in the week (blog up soon) and she said that the best advice her dad ever gave her was to be nice to people... We seriously can't get enough of this guy! 

Neither of us are fans of fur (naughty Mr Rocha!) but we effing loved the rest of the collection. There was a 90's grunge feel to it, from the silhouettes to the hats to the boots and it made us want to hang our Jared Leto posters back up on the wall and blast Return to Innocence by Enigma or What's Up by 4 Non Blondes.

Many of the skirt/dress bottoms had these perfectly placed angular hems that kicked out as the models walked to amazing effect. We adore John Rocha for remaining unbelievably relevant year on year, all while providing us with cool sweaters to buy our dads for Christmas from Debenhams. Much love for the humble John Rocha and his superb A/W collection. 


Links: www.johnrocha.ie
Photo's Vogue.com

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