Paul Costelloe Swings Us In To London Fashion Week

So early on a Friday morning in a chilling February, we all needed something to kick start us into the mood for London Fashion Week.
Paul Costelloe did not disappoint, it seemed it was even his specific aim to wake us all up with his vibrant collection which opened fashion week for the 10th season in a row. Before the show began, spotted in attendance were the likes of Janice Dickinson and BBC presenter and economist journalist Evan Davis, with cameramen in tow jostling for their attention of course.

Finally, the crowd simmered down, the swing music faded in and out onto the catwalk stepped none other than Costelloe's own daughter Jessica, hands in the pockets of a beautifully woven red and purple "winter warmer" coat.
Then came the electric red hair, on models wrapped in greens and pinks in tartan and tweed, oversized buttons on a yellow and green dress - reminding us of the sixties, when no one would have looked twice at the enviable red fringe framing their faces.
A yellow tweed jacket and dress prepared us for a sneak at the menswear in form of a long earthy brown coat and a burgundy velvet jacket, providing the perfect combination of formal with casual.
He immediately snapped our heads back up with looser silhouettes of red and purple on high collars and skater skirts, with tartan and bold colours throughout.

As for evening wear, or if we're talking 60's here, something to 'twist and shout' in, my favourite pieces of the collection came in the form of structured dresses created out of metallic fabrics infused with shimmering threads of emerald, burnt orange and peacock blue. I was most definitely coveting one to dance until dawn in!

As the show drew to a close (playing The Rolling Stones - 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' I might add!), I reflected upon the press release comments on his collection:

 "Think of Paris in the late 60's & 70's"...

Well Mr. Costelloe I can only say this, watching those vibrant colours flow down the runway I was in Paris; sitting by the Seine, Camus book in one hand and glass of wine in the other, toasting your collection, with no reason to fear the words "winter warmer" ever again!

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