Jena.Theo's Wild Woman

Jena.Theo opened On|Off's presence at Mercer Studios this season, and with them they brought the clothes and the models all designed to fit the definition of "Fierce".

Now, Mercer Studios, while not being a particularly spacious venue, more than gave back to it's guests in seductive atmosphere! 

Caught out of the corners of Pandora's Thoughts eye's were the likes of Matthew Zorpas in a full on gold suit and fashion photographer Anders Brogaard. I had heard from Amelia's Magazine later that the lovely Hilary Alexander was also there furiously taking notes, but honestly the place was too crowded for us to catch a glimpse of her until Jordanna ended up sat behind her 30 minutes later at Prophetik's show!

Blue tinged lighting and a rave-like screen set the tone and the crowd on edge, while the mist in the room seemed to creep in from a nearby secluded forest (does anyone know a place like that in London?), the same place I'm sure they found the unreal creatures they sent floating down the runway, each one like a stunning harpy. 

It has been said that Jena.Theo's clothes are wearable, and it is totally true. They perfectly combine rough but comfy looking wools with soft cottons and silks, which to me just oozes the feeling of winter out of it's very stitching. It also tells a subtle romantic tale of the haunted wilderness on the edge of a dark pulsating city, as the gentle, enticing fabrics strike a harder note in blacks, greys and whites. Stark colours, worked well in their favour and was a nice juxtaposition to the rainbow colours back at the BFC with Paul Costelloe.

Without doubt, ours, and I think many others, favourite piece of the show was "the coat". Now if you happened to be at Mercer Studio's on this day at 11am, then you will know the coat I am talking about as my ears still ring from all of the camera's snapping. For those of you who weren't able to see it first hand, Jordanna describes it as not a piece of clothing, but an act. It is an act many of us perform on the darkest coldest days of winter, usually on a Sunday morning. It is the act of waking and wrapping yourself in your duvet still warm with body heat to protect yourself from the cold. Except of course in the case of this Jena.Theo number, far more structured and sexy (and without the JBF hair and morning breath!) The act we speak of was this coat:

Each pair of shoes that took to the catwalk, was the base to a look which emanated fierceness for us, and the expression was truly reflected in the clothes. These draped and flowing garments speak of a different time, and a different woman; Jena.Theo's Valkyrie woman, one that I believe Pandora's Thoughts left Mercer Studios wishing we were!

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