Ashley Isham's Golden Child

After the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Women's Ones to Watch ran behind I was running late for the Ashley Isham show at Il Bottaccio. I went to grab a taxi when I noticed 2 other like minded (and likewise press lanyarded) people doing the same and I asked if I could hop in with them (this is not done enough - we are all going the same place people - think of the environment!) Plus you get to meet great people like Monika and Luke from Idol magazine. We had a great chat on the journey and it is people like them that make LFW worthwhile for Mel and I. Just happy, fun, nice people enjoying a bit of hectic fashion grazing!

We arrived in a flash and went our separate ways as I was meeting Sara Arnesen and Sarah Burt who had a nice spot near Tara Palmer Tompkinson who couldn't actually find her seat so perched on the floor.
The crowd was an exciting mixed bag of treats.

The show was plump full of flowing silks and satins, amazing draping and structured lazer cut leathers.

Gold dust and full forehead bindi's on brides with golden veils. It was smooth, it was mystical, the room was hot and airless and lazer beams criss-crossed the air. 

Just when you thought it was over, crisp white dress wearing models with varying colour detail around their shoulders flew out in a V shape before a BOOM sounded behind us and the whole catwalk, crowd (and street I am sure) was glittered with golden confetti. 

It was dramapyjamarama and I loved it...

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