Headstrong in Headgear at Masha Ma

Masha Ma has this sensibility with fabric unlike any other designer I have yet to witness with my young (ahem...) fashion eyes. The most clear cut metaphor I can find for her work is when women spend 1 hour on their make-up to produce a "natural look". Her designs are so considered, so deliberate and so complicated in their pattern and construction and yet so understated. You see the pieces on the body and they are sleek and minimalistic.

The garments perplex me. They are so stunningly beautiful and calm but every season I find myself straining further out of my seat to get closer to the garments to see how on earth Masha Ma made them! Maybe this says something about the Masha Ma woman. That she is unfussy and tied together and you will never really get to see how the threads tie or what really makes her tick, as she'll only tell you what she thinks you need to know. 


Which of course leaves you with an insatiable thirst for more....

This season had a sporty feel mixed in with her layered and loosely folded jackets and dresses. White, navy, duck egg and greys. Hand beading, large digital prints, open backs and striking white halterneck dresses.

I would really love to see her flat patterns and watch her piece together one of her complicated garments from start to finish, but for now I am happy to just watch and wonder and wait on the edge of my seat to see what she delectable delights she comes out with next season.

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