Changeling - Aminaka Wilmont

 Taking influence from Scandinavian folklore, designers Maki and Marcus Wilmont have begun to redefine the Aminaka Wilmont woman, building on her uniqueness and individuality and by beauty that is not always immediately obvious.


I am equally as excited about my overactive imagination as I driven mad by it, but on this warm evening of magic, surrounded by fashion friends, fresh live orchids (seriously...) and an ethereal soundtrack, I was transported to some mythical Forrest in Norway with fireflies circling above and beds of softened leaves below...

The Changeling refers to creatures best described as the offspring of fairies or elves and the influence of this could be seen in every piece. Slightly lightly colours danced across the garments as if little elves dipped their feet in paint and made ethereal footprints as they danced across the fabrics, with the odd splash of bold colour from butterfly wings. Blossom and floral prints were mature and added depth.


The styling was so beautiful... Stiletto shoe boots by Merve Tuna and little glass bottle necklaces by Bjorg, perhaps with a bit of magic inside? And the hair was perfect, just as with last season however this times it was natural and flowing, with perfect waves.
Soft leathers in soft hues were paired with silk chiffon shifts, woven dresses and asymmetric leggings. Though all of those round me were bewitched by the elaborate arm pieces worn with thin bodysuits, I was immediately taken by the structured skirts with billowing tails. No need to worry about getting it shut in the tube doors when you live in a Forrest.


I was extremely sad Mel could not make it to this show as it was a firm favourite of hers last season. It was a dream...

Hey wait a second... Maybe it was a dream?!?!

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