Spring/Summer or Anna/Wintour at Nicole Farhi?

Strangely, my last project of the term last year at LCF was to design under the brand umbrella of a specific designer which was assigned to us. I was given Nicole Farhi, who also happened to be one of our biggest show invites of the season. We had to create a range of garments to be sold by the brand but expand them into new markets, widening their core customer base.

I created a small range of functional seaside worthy fall/winter menswear for the brand. As I study Fashion Sportswear, the garments had to be hardwearing and encourage movement and protection. I tried to achieve this through cut, construction, coated fabrics, waterproof ventilated hand printed panels and triple stitched seams and buttons. Though its nowhere near Farhi stardards yet, this was one of the pieces:                           

As I spent so much time and hard work and really got to know and love the brand (and Mel had to put up with me constantly going on about it) we were both really excited to be able to photograph Nicole Farhi's ss 2012 womenswear collection!

Ms Wintour and Hamish watched bemused from the front row - we even saw Anna Wintour heinously laugh out loud at one point (Jesus woman - control yourself!!!!) Though we were given a stern look of warning that we better not have got any photographic evidence.

The collection, inspired by a vibrant Delhi garden in full bloom was structured in its form yet relaxed in its nature. Sporty shapes were juxtaposed with oversized pixalated blooms, lazer cut leather flowers, moulded plastic sequins and bright botanical hues of peony, buttercup yellow, calendula orange, leaf green and lily pink.

Airtex jersey's, knitted shorts and judo belts crossed a couple more t's in the sportswear direction. The show closed with a stunning white swimsuit fully embroidered with petals worn with a flowing white skirt which flapped quietly behind the model as she walked. The models were healthy and glowing with rosy cheeks, ponytails and vintage inspired sunglasses.

The photographers pit was rammed and I had to take photo's from behind the skirt of some show worker who decided that she had to stand directly in front of me. This was also out of respect for an amazingly feisty LFW photographer veteran who insisted she had to sit and take her photos over my shoulder. Fair enough, I am sure Mel and I will do the same one day!

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