Cristina Sabaiduc s/s 2012 - We Have Never Seen Anything Like It....

Words and Photo's by Taja Bobek

Are you feeling a bit tired of ‘traditional’ catwalk fashion shows? Well do we ever have the cure for these doldrums for you: Cristina Sabaiduc Spring / Summer 2012 presentation. ‘Art exhibition morphs into catwalk’ is the best way to sum up this one-off fashion experience. 

There was no central catwalk where people would be seated along at both sides, focusing on the models walking by, no celebrities taking over the first row. In fact, there were no rows at all. Only a centre place where people were gathered standing, and surrounded by a kind of catwalk in the shape of a square ring.

There were pieces of clothing hanging on the white front wall; extremely light and soft silk in a neutral palette of beige, gentle lilac, light yellow and calm green. The cuts were rather unusual too, and you could only guess how to place them on a body... I thought to myself, “What on earth is going on here and how am I going to get any good photo’s of these garments pressed flat to a wall?!” The answer: They dressed the models on the catwalk, right in front of us! Initially the models entered and formed a line which suggested the were waiting to be dressed. 

Two pairs of hands taking the clothes off of the wall, wrapping them around the bodies in every possible way, tying the strings, pulling the limbs through the cut-outs... Layer on layer – monochrome with floral, transparent with non-transparent. Innumerable moves (carefully thought-out or led by momentary instincts?) The result was stunning fabric-puzzles created by draping. The forms were unbelievably fluid and organic, with certain ethnic elements. 

The overall impression was extremely romantic and subtle – almost abstract! As an added bonus to the highly artistic concept behind them, the designs turned out to be both contemporary and wearable. Cristina Sabaiduc’s experiment with textile traditions and unconventional materials has pushed fashion boundaries far forward. A truly unique fashion show in every sense.

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