East Meets West at Fashion Shenzhen

Words and Photo's by Taja Bobek

Deng Hao and Haiping Xie are the two names you need to remember in relation to emerging designers and brands from Shenzhen, China. Being great ambassadors of their home country, they provided us with a 30min lecture on traditional Chinese style. The main points: striking contrasts between colour and texture, rich embroidery and above all the lightness and importance of pure silk.

Deng Hao’s collection 'Flower Devil – GuRan Oriental Scarlet' says it all in the title: (re)discovering the sexiness of Oriental silhouettes and revealing the body with the use of transparent silk and/or cut-outs. Pure seduction in rich colours of passion; all the way from red to purple with dashes of green and neutrals tones to give it balance and calm. One this has to be said; looking at the photo’s, does the collection slightly give a nod to Spanish dress slightly? Yes, indeed – influences of Spanish flamenco ruffles are apparent and make this collection a cross between the two traditional cultures, Chinese and Spanish. By mixing them, the result is an ultra embellished d├ęcor with a touch of both East and West.

Continuing with exploring the secrets of the Orient, Haiping Xie made use of couture-esque cuts and techniques to create pompous gowns. Strong silhouettes, yet clean. The emphasis here was put on the patterns, which again appeared as a hybrid between traditional Chinese ceramics and Western Baroque art. Silk, tulle, feathers in eye-catching blue and yellow – everything heavily decorated and glamorous, from beginning to end.

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