The Sirens are Calling - Bunmi Koko

Women are scandalous. You see it all the time - that dangerous glance across a bar that ensures at least 3 men drop the hands of their girlfriends.

Tis the ancient version of these sirens that serve as the inspiration for Bunmi Koko's ss12 collection, more specifically, the greek mythological goddesses who lured sailors through song to their deaths in shipwrecks on the rocky shores of their islands.

Allure and danger, the bright feminine beauty of the colours and textures of the sea combined with the masculine reshaped cuts of scavenged sailors uniforms, oversized jackets tied with rope.
Wind ravaged models with the sun on their faces oozed down the catwalk to the live singing performance of Tallia Storm. The music like the call of the goddesses to the sea-men.

The collection was bright, sassy and bold, not at all unlike Koko herself.

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