"The Roof is on Fire!" Culprit Found to be Fashion Designer Bryce Aime

Words and photos by Taja Bobek for Pandora's Thoughts:

High heels, bodycon dresses, perfect makeup, gin and tonic – now that’s what I call a perfect fashion party! The 9th floor of The Mayfair Hotel was full of fashionable people who all came to have a drink, network, get their nails done for free, get spotted in the crowd – or (one would hope above all else) to see Bryce Aime's live shoot!

The models having their makeup and hair done in one room, food & drinks in another; loud music that begged your feet to dance and a beautiful view of the city from the terrace on a chilly September night... Each time a model walked through the suite, everyone froze for a moment and followed her into a room where there was a live photoshoot taking place. 

Photographers, assistants, makeup artists, stylists – all there working in unison to create the perfect images of Bryce Aimes enviable collection. 

“Move your chin a bit higher... that’s it!” .... “Oh, I love this one! Freeze!” ... “Nice expression! Keep it like that!” ... “Smile but don’t show your teeth!” ... “Beautiful!” 

One outfit after another: fabulous sculpture-like dresses made of sparkling transparent fabric, wild makeup and hair, edgy wedges, eclectic jewellery and three beautiful, ultra patient models trying to do their job perfectly. 

After they disappeared through the crowd, the party continued, although there was no of the gin left... Surreal! With Adele remix 
soundtrack, the place was on fire...

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