Moving to the Modern Day - The tale of finally getting a decent website!

As a photographer first and foremost, when I first moved from music to fashion photography back in 2009, there was just about enough space in my brain to take in fabrics and designers and patterns (Jordanna's extensive knowledge on the subject still astounds me). Somedays I think it would be so much easier to just stroll into the studio, with no prior work to do, just pick up my camera and shoot!

But we all know it doesn't work like that. And most days I wouldn't want it to.

On the otherside of things, outside of the studio, there are the bits we need to do to make sure we make our images as publicly available as possible. And by that, I'm really still only asking for some pretty simple stuff, a decent website, a social media presence, and the ability for people to find our work and contact us.

We thought it would be so easy! And finally, almost 3 years after starting Pandora's Thoughts, last week, it became easy. The route to this simplicity was found in a company called 4ormat.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to say, we finally have a website we can be proud of.

We've moved into the modern day world and lost our "www" and can be found simply on http://pandorasthoughts.com/

To keep things a bit familiar, we've kept our homepage image the same, although we have lost our logo off of our front page, as we just loved 4ormats templates too damn much!

4ormat themselves are a canadian based company, who seem to be the first to cotton onto a good thing (no doubt others will follow). A reasonably priced package, including everything, and not a confusing process in sight!

We'd like to thank them for provding us with all we'd wanted in a website for forever and a day, in the space of 5 minutes! 

Check out our new site, and leave us your feedback!

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