This season, that's not all there is from Spijkers en Spijkers

The Spijkers en Spijkers sisters took a step forward this season, by launching their AW 12 collection at the Freemasons on the Vauxhall Fashion Scout schedule.

There is a very good reason for this. They brought a most definite confidence and rightly so with every aspect of their runway time this season (down to sending the models head high down the catwalk to a cover of Is That All There Is by Christina).

It is no secret that last season, I gave them a rather scathing review. And I am so pleased to eat my words this season, because their love for the 20's has matured into something great. The 40's it would seem.

The collection entitled "Birds of Paradise", has some quite obvious references in the feathers used and actual bird embroidery, and less so in the bold colour palette. In fact the dresses contrasts of blacks up against these bold colours could be a different interpretation to what we saw from Mark Fast back in SS11 concept wise (his birds being stripped of their colour by acid rain).

The styling and collection I know are not to everyone's taste, but they are certainly to mine, and so I hope to see more of this fantastic progression from the twins next season!

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