Look Book Shoot for Monika Zgoda

The first of many, Monika Zgoda was the first of our student season Look Books to shoot this year, as we launched our new student package for Look Book Photography.

Monika is a young womenswear designer, but first and foremost, she is a journalist. In her wisdom, she felt that it wouldn't be fair of her to just go about reviewing others collections and designs without really understanding the process of design and the knowledge needed to actually make clothes. So she put herself through the crazy stress of a womenswear design degree!

That in mind, you might start to make judgements or estimations on the quality of her collection, given that journalism is her true calling. And if you did - you'd be wrong... and you'd take it back upon seeing her garments. We loved shooting her collection so much, her designs are now gracing our business cards, the front page of our website and our blog mast! So, hats off to this talented young woman (now if only we could convince her to keep making clothes).

From meeting Monika over a year ago - Jordanna actually met her in a cab at LFW - we sparked imediately with her, and I think this probably shows in the results of the shoot, as our style and hers matched so perfectly to create something Jordanna and I are pretty proud of to say the least, and I think Monika's a bit pleased with too!

We actually did two shoots for Monika, the first in the studio, and the second on location at The Pergola & Hill Garden at Hampstead Heath, which can be viewed here.

Monika's collection, featured in the images in this post, is a tribute to Diane Arbus - her favourite photographer, and was brought to life with the help of amazing - will be huge - model Evie Howard, and hardworking, lovely make-up artist Monica Mao.

Have a look at our youtube clip from behind the scenes too!

- P.T

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