Pandora's Thoughts contribute to Factory 311

One of our 2012 resolutions was to be more consistent with twitter, and in keeping up with that Pandora's Thoughts made a new cyberspace buddy.

Fabulous photography agency Factory 311 contacted us on twitter, asking us to drop them an email to contribute to their blog. So after a couple of chats with the guys over there, they posted a short Q&A with us about our humble beginnings, the dynamic of Pandora's Thoughts, and of course... the ever looming impending London Fashion Week!

Here is the interview!

...but that wasn't the end of that.

We thought they were a great forward fashion & photography agency and they seemed to think we were alright too! So after the chaos of Fashion Week had passed, we contributed both in images and words, to their blog, to give them a write up of one of our favourite designers at the moment: KTZ.

And here is that post!

I hope you guys enjoy our little collaboration with them, and we hope that's not the end of our dalliance with this great agency!

- P.T

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