Pandora's Thoughts shoot for Jasper Garvida

We were delighted when Jasper Garvida approached us to shoot the look book and advertising images for his second season of bridal wear.

And with the fates and time against us, we managed to all pull together a shoot, that almost didn't happen!

Having just hosted two days of salon catwalk shows at The Bloomsbury Hotel, we were able to use the hotel for the shoot. After two last minute changes of the model - thank you Maria Tokmakova for saving the day! - and a mid afternoon storm, a fantastic team of people made it possible to capture Jasper's 12 stunning gowns in the luxury environment they deserved.

We will be releasing the official look book images in due course, but for now, here are some behind the scenes images courtesy of Emma Taylor - our helping hand for the day!

Special thanks on this shoot go to: Maria Tokmakova - pro model!, Monica Mao - the most hardworking, patient make-up artist and hair stylist, Jasper Garvida for well - everything!, Emma Taylor - our assistant and general lifter of spirits, and The Bloomsbury Hotel for hosting us.

For more from Jasper Garvida womenswear, please see: http://www.jaspergarvida.com/

- P.T

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