On Location for Monika Zgoda

This past Sunday we met back up with the Monika Zgoda team in Hampstead to brave the crazy weather and shoot the second part to Monika's Look Book.

This time on location, and one that Monika had found and fallen in love with, Inverforth House, between Hampstead Heath and Golders Green, conceals behind it, the most beautiful Pergola and Gardens. It ended up feeling somewhat like a labyrinth, as when we were there, we kept turning the next corner and finding a secret passage, room or new garden.

Monica Mao was back on hand with great make up and hair (and sporting some rather cool red framed glasses that I think everyone complimented her on), and Evie was ever professional, as she took numerous changes in her stride, dancing poses on the edge of a pond and a nasty intermittent wind which we tried our best to shield her from - they were both absolute legends for us!

And what can we say about Monika? Nothing that will say it better than she said it herself the night before the shoot "I would like to apologise to you ladies in advance for my cheshire cat grin tomorrow."

We're still in the editing process for this shoot at the moment, and will update this blog and republish it shortly, but just to give you a taste of it....

Watch this space!

- P.T

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