A Day Of Doubles & A Fashion Challenge

A beautiful woman once said:
"I never like to do the same things twice. I like surprises."
 We couldn't resist her clutching a Leica
So began my day of doubles.

In a conversation over coffee with a guy in my office about the recently circulated census, it transpired that his boyfriend's name was Colin. Yes, I can hear you asking me "what's the point!" This would not have piqued my interest whatsoever, had it not been for the fact that the man to whom I was speaking... his name... Colin (seriously?!? " Hi I'm Colin, this is my boyfriend Colin").
I held myself back from making a comment - which anyone who knows me will tell you is very rare - chuckled to myself and continued on.

Throughout the day, things persisted in coming my way in twos:
2 newsletters to finish
2 models to call
2 emails from Jordanna
2 bags of chocolates from Thorntons (whoops!)

That was until I was making my way home on the tube, headphones on, trying to subtly jig away to Miike Snow without getting caught...when I looked up and saw it....

2 of Me!

I had to do a double take just to be sure I wasn't seeing my own reflection in an extremely clean train window (blindly optimistic I admit).
But no, alas, right there staring me in the face was my double - at least in a fashion sense!

At first I had thought she was just wearing similar black pumps, many women on their way home from work do this, it could easily be forgiven! Again...no. She was in fact wearing the exact same H&M winter coat that I was:
H&M's white coat with black button belt

Now, granted it's H&M and I am a masochist for thinking I could possibly buy anything from there and not eventually bump into someone wearing the same thing (if only this HAD been the first time), and this is certainly not a jibe at H&M, who I support by giving a substantial cut of my salary. They have great clothes, but why are we all wearing them in the exact same way?

It got me thinking not about how great minds think alike, but to wondering if we are all getting a bit lazy and less adventurous in using our imagination when it comes to street style fashion. This mix and match, mish-mash mishap is becoming common place, so much that even I wonder if we're grabbing the first thing to hand from the wardrobe!

Fashion Week comes but twice a year, and during that time photographers come out in their hoards to snap ladies and gents clad in something different, something exotic, something daring. As a photographer, recently I've not seen that much street style that propels me into a mad dash around London to capture the latest. Are we stuck in the grey of Winter just as the sun is starting to shine for a new season?

From what I hear, Taja's report on the street style around Jardin des Tuileries makes it clear it is time we showed those Parisians what we've got up our couture sleeve! And if you really must turn up wearing the same thing, make it count!

Finally, I'm setting a challenge. I'm slinging that coat to the back of my wardrobe starting today and trying to get out of my comfort zone with fashion!
I'll also be taking my camera back out onto the streets of London to see what YOU'VE got on and reporting back here with anything not from a day of doubles!

Care to join me...?

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