Cocktails in Teacups at the Betsy Smith

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As frequent purveyors of the Betsy Smith pub in Kilburn, Mel and I have been taken by the quirky ambience since their relaunch last summer. One evening after a few cocktails drunk from teacups and several discussions about updating our portfolio we started to hatch slurred plans. 

"Wouldn't a photo over there look bloody great?" "Oh yes Mel - I concur! Bloody fabulous!"

So we arranged a shoot with Betsy Management and rocked up at 9:00am last Saturday where hilariously there were people already lined up to get in for a full english and a Bloody Mary...

So there we were in our favourite haunt, far too early in the morning, with props, models Andrej and Maria (both incidentally Russian and able to discuss our morning hair and poor direction in Russian with us being none the wiser! ) and fellow photographer James Steward who kindly offered to help on the day.

We took hundreds of photo's and of course cant post them all but here are a few from the day. Thanks a million to Andrej, Maria and James (who took some shots of us in action!) and of course the Betsy Smith! 



Sore Loser!

 Nothing Like Good Conversation.

 Maria looking murderous!

James's Action Shots!



Links: http://www.thebetsysmith.co.uk/

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