Cut From the Same Cloth

Play while you read folks

It was not yet dawn when Pandora's Thoughts made our way from opposite sides of London to shoot at Hampstead Heath early on Saturday. In fact, when I made my way from Bow to get there in time for sunrise, it was actually 4:30 in the morning.

The heath has long been a place of beauty (George Michael escapades aside), and the sunrise was certainly worth the early rise for this location shoot.

Inspired from simple beginnings, as simple white flowing lace... Cut From The Same Cloth appeared as if it had always been there in the back of our minds.

Two sisters born of a single fabric, the elder cutting out her younger sibling, their dresses formed of the pieces left hanging from the trees .

Inseparable as the invisible thread of those born of the same idea.

Many thanks to our lovely models: Alana Hillenaar and Ausrine "Olivia" Paradoks
And to our make-up artist/hair stylist: Tati Zarubova

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  1. Love the pics guys! The light and theme work really well together. Really like the music accompaniment as well - great idea!