Bernard Chandran - A Toast to his Mother

At Bernard Chandran this season, the lovely Taja Bobek reported on the show so we just had to focus on soaking up the atmosphere, checking out the crowd and taking a few pics of the collection. Thanks Taja! Please see her write up below.


This season, Bernard Chandran promised to take us to a trip down memory lane with a glimpse of the 1950s glamour that once inspired his mother. Expecting to see yet another clich̩ story of the New Look Рit was something completely different... A fresh and innovative take on Monsieur Dior tailoring proved that 1950s silhouettes just never go out of fashion.

Bernard Chandran offered us a new interpretation of timeless couture by putting emphasis on modern sculptural simplicity. It was all about the simple and clean cut, but nevertheless playing with proportions and geometry. 

 Classic cuts of 1950s couture were enriched with contemporary twists, such as zips along the centre front or back. Exploring new ways of presenting different materials led Chandran to create a lace alternative made of white round cut-outs, and most importantly the effect of layering the fabrics used (jersey, netting with cotton and silk satin). The most evident way of expressing contrasts was the relationship between transparency and non-transparency, which resulted in a minimalistic look.

Although the main colour palette consisted of grey, silver, gold and champagne, some pure neon colours (blue, green and pink, among others) stood out from the catwalk. On top of that, sequins, beads and feathers all contributed to edgy sophistication of evening gowns. Proper couture structured pieces (look out especially for the jackets!) on one side and fluid asymmetric dresses cut on bias were all joined together in a beautifully nostalgic, yet totally modern (even futuristic at the moments!) collection for next spring / summer.

Misty from the blog What Misty Wore watches entranced!

By paying homage to his mother, Bernard Chandran successfully brought a touch of classic 50’s feeling to our ultra modern era. 

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