The Mechanical Failure of A La Disposition

We felt that the title of A La Disposition's ss 2012 collection was fairly apt in that all the cogs were there, but they were either slightly out of place, or a crucial pin was missing which would have made Daniel Kinne & Lynda Cohen's invention work a bit better or perhaps with a bit more cohesion.

I liked the concept, using controlled proportions and expansive volume to express defiance in an age of restraint. From a photoraphy perspective the clothes were great to shoot as they were bold and different, giving us a nudge to capture all the angles.

However, I'm not sure of the execution. The "expansive volume" was very well constructed, and in some colours would look fantastic, but on shimmering purple and mustard yellow looked more fancy dress than just fancy. The proportions and silhouettes though were thought provoking in artistic terms.

Jordanna and I both felt the best part for us were the stockings and the hair (braided into necklaces), simply put: we loved them. Still, although the stockings held up nicely on the models, they could never have held up an entire collection.

We loved some of the ready to wear pieces as separates, as they do really work, it is just that some of the colours and shapes weren't exactly to our tastes when put all together. This duo may not have had the pin that clicked everything into place for us and our Spring to Summer of 2012, but it is very clear that the talent and potential is there so we'll certainly be back next season.

Misty from What Misty Wore sure enjoyed it!

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