Topman does Rebellious Decadence

We arrived to collect our photographers passes for the Topman show quite early (though admittedly after a cheeky glass of large white gold) which meant that we had plenty of time to stake our place and mark up our positions in the photographers pit; though we came to discover this means sweet nothing in the end.

As more and more photographers arrived with their masses of equipment, the more squashed we became until we were so jammed together that I felt as if we had done some sort of reverse cell production and ended up one giant blob of photographer matter.

Uh oh! Where fashion and politics mix... 
Tillie and Mille!
At the last second a cheeky Italian nicked someones stool and climbed literally on top of Mel and proceeded  to straddle her ears! As she couldn't move to defend herself and her voice was muffled by his jeans, I turned to him with stern authority and an all knowing grin, "Ya well, we will remember this! Next season we are going to hunt you down at every show and each take a seat on your lap!" Now thems fighting words I thought to myself proudly as I turned back around. That is until I actually realised what I said and heard the murmurs of "you can sit on my lap right now dahlin" and "take a pew right 'ere love".

Oh dear...

The photographers pit is definitely a pile of hilarity and most certainly our favourite spot to be - we just need to get better at the banter!!


Thank goodness for Lewis Taylor of 1883 Magazine who had us keeled over on the empty catwalk with laughter. 

Amir Khan, Jamie Hince, Millie and Chloe from the embarrassingly addictive Made in Chelsea were all in attendance. Chloe cuddled her dad (Topshop tycoon Philip green). All those E4 T4 U4, ME4 guys were there - but let's talk about the clothes!! I have gotten carried away!

The show opened with sleekly cut double and single breasted cropped suits which quickly merged into silk cropped pyjama bottoms in rich extravagant golds, maroons and teals with baroque paisley sweaters, multi coloured knits and patent leather man-clutches (Mutches? Manluts? Matches? They actually refer to it as "Maroc leather shopper rolled and belted to form a harder hand held piece.") We loved the multi coloured laofers (also in paisley!) but have to say that the man-bags were a bit more Gok Wan does drag than anything else...


The show was fantastic and made us feel as though we were being hand fed grapes in a decadent palace full of paisley silk furnishings and not the reality of being the bottom layer of a photographers dog pile!

Back to the pub for one more cup of wine to cheers the end of another fun and frivolous fashion week. We both fell asleep at the table...

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