Temperatures rise at Fashion Mode - Part 3 Florian Jayet

Florian Jayet for me it couldn't be clearer this season will be a truly great designer. There should be a sign above his head saying "Watch out, because you won't see me coming". Each season I've found him an interesting one to watch, but this season was a shock to the system (not to mention I would wear all of it).

His new spring summer collection is based on the japanese myth of the Yūrei; ghosts of those who have been murdered and come back to seek revenge on their killer in order to be released from purgatory and reach heaven.

In addition to the fact Jordanna & I are complete suckers for all things mythological (well, Pandora's Thoughts, like that wasn't obvious...), the powerful execution of this tale was consistent in everything about it.

The collection itself, which true to the Yūrei has white flowing through it, sat well with Florian's unique tailoring, perfectly cut to encase a womanly and sleek silhouette. This white ran through into the floral pieces, so intricately made the flowers could have been picked from some far off land just the night before.


High waisted, accentuated shoulders, draping used to created an air of mystery and provoke a curiosity about the body underneath. Not too revealing, but dazzlingly sexy.


 The fierce models embodied the mythology. Lingering at the top of the catwalk before floating down it (which in those shoes could become an urban legend itself), penetrating anyone who dared make eye contact with an intensely doomed gaze.

The distressed hair and the surreal make-up only added to it with haunting eyes, bloodthirsty lips and hair from beyond the grave created by hair stylist Richard from Toni & Guy .


Amazing jewelry, including some ghostly feminine head pieces and a particular metal chain garter which the masochist in me lusted over immediately.

Oh, and lest I forget, the shoes, to die for (inclusive of unique carving to remind you that you have died for them!).

Florian Jayet was up there with my favourites of the week, and for me up there with some big names. He has here a collection of the perfect balance between the darkness and light in a woman, and for this I will be looking out for him gracing the BFC at some point in the future.

"Aw shucks"

And so....

The collections were yet another step forward for Fashion Mode as whole, and showcased new skills and a progression of ideas from all three designers.

And if you don't believe me, you can ask the few hundred other people, who crammed themselves into the Freemasons Hall, despite the lack of air conditioning and people melting from the heat around their feet, just to get a glimpse of the cuff of a shirt or the trim of a dress.

These three bring it with them every single time - the spectacle of an atmospheric Lagerfeld-esque extraordinaire! And it gives me a shiver down my spine in anticipation of great things to come.

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