Temperatures Rise at Fashion Mode - Part 2 James Hillman

We wanted to separate out Fashion Mode's designers this season. With each designer presenting an extensive 15 piece collection, much larger than before, the least we could do was give each one their own piece of wall space!

So next up...James Hillman.

Every season, even if we got nothing else (which isn't the case here but still) we'd always have the 10 head turning minutes of James Hillman's fabulous choice in damn fine male models. But apparently I'm supposed to be talking about the clothes - ooops!

James' collection this season sprung from space and in particular black holes. 

With some of his garments an interpretation of different stages of exploding stars, the colour palette contrasts drastically to his all black aw 11 collection, where here we see blacks interspersed with purples, ivories, pinks and blues.

A great deal of curved cuts and double buttons have appeared on his formal shirts, not to mention his very interesting and modern take on formal wear in general. Might we see a potential match in Carlotta's wedding dress and James' suit...?



True to his style, his formal shorts are still a big hit, as well as his take on trench coats and jackets (ever prepared for the english Spring/Summer rainy days).

More so this season, he seems to have found quite a hand for more casual fitted tops. Perhaps a little too fitted for some women in the audience, but I'm sure they'd say just right (standing up and leaning over the row in front to take a photo might tell a different story - right Funda?)


I really feel that Mr Hillman is pushing himself to perfect his craft by trying new techniques each season, so that each season he produces a collection not only representative of himself, but also which truly reflects his technical abilities as a designer by the time and effort that has clearly gone into the learning process.

We have definitely seen that he has tested himself this season with difficult tailoring and stitching and as ever it makes me excited to see what he will do next.

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