Silver Fox Spotted at Oliver Spencer!

We arrived at Oliver Spencer just a few minutes before the show began and were rushed straight through to the photographers pit. Being one of the last shows on the last day of LFW this season, the photographers found their voices and began to yell at the audience! The traditional "Everyone uncross your legs and tuck them in!" is traditional, but now that iPads are a common accessory catwalk-side, and people tend to stick them out to get the best photos would make any well balanced photographer ragey. Especially when half of your really great photos are ruined by iPads cutting across the garments!

Spencer had an amazing film of his collection projected onto a wall which had both mine and Mel's attention. Beautiful colours and intense expressions agains a whitewash background.

Lights down..... 


I am going to put this out there right now.... Oliver Spencer's show was actually my favourite show of the whole season. There were a few which followed closely behind for varying reasons but based purely on style, mood, fun, chillaxedness, models, clothes - eveything about this collection and show came together perfectly in my mind and Mel and I left with a spring in our steps and smiles on our faces. This is a pretty mean feat when we are both lacking sleep!

Casual suits with colour varied buttons, polka dots and stripes, gentlemanly scarves. The collection was so bright and felt very contemporary though constructed using traditional techniques. 

These are clothes for the modern guy that look just as cool on the man in the street as they do on a catwalk.Canvas rucksacks and loafers with orange bottoms were the perfect accompaniment to the garments.

Speaking of men though, this catwalk show styled by William Gilchrist was a triumphant celebration of our opposite sex. We talk about women and celebrating women all the ruddy time - WHAT ABOUT THE BOYS!? This show was the crucial and much needed celebration of men of all shapes and creeds. Geeks, chics, beards, tattoo's, intense ones, muscly ones, languid ones, stiff ones, demure ones, arrogant ones. 
The joy of this show was that the clothes looked absolutely amazing on each and every one of the models, and each was still able to emit some form of personal style that perfectly suited them. 
Our steadfast favourite was a 40+ silver fox of a man named Adam (I only know this as I just spotted him in the latest issue of Another Man). He oozed the confidence that only a man who knows a few things and has been around the block a few times can project with any sort of conviction. (We saw a chest tattoo poking out and you can see he has gold teeth in Another Man! Yowza!!)
Self taught tailor Oli Spencer has got everything right. His clothes are well made, bright, creative and versatile. You can see his touch and vision in every piece. Then it's almost like his job is done - he lovingly hands his pieces over and they are yours to make your own.

GO FORTH GENTLEMAN! BE EVERYTHING YOU ARE, AND BE ONLY WHO YOU ARE! Oliver Spencer will ensure you look great doing it.

For the full show in video: Oliver Spencer ss 2012 Catwalk Video

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