Ziad Ghanem - The Show for the Rest of Us

I was really excited about Ziad Ghanem's show after the amazing spectacle's he has put on in previous seasons. With the lineup being several blocks long last season, I was sure to get there early and stake my place in my favourite spot. I looked around as the room filled. What I love most about Ziad shows, is that they are for everyone. He celebrates all measures of real life beauty in all of it's freakish glory.

I could feel the show was about to begin. At shows like this the lights almost feel hotter and a sort of pressure builds and you can feel something bubbling under the surface...


I would have thought it was part of the show but the lights hadn't yet been dimmed. My eyes tore to the photographers pit in which all photographers were in a free fall domino like tumble off the meter high platform! Tripods and camera's crashing to the ground. It always looks and feels like such a delicate balance of bodies and equipment - precariously perched on a needlepoint. My over sized bottom once almost caused a similar catastrophe so once I saw that everyone was ok (but for a few bruises) I thanked bejeezus that it wasn't me who did it. "Girl from Pandora's Thoughts Big Ass Knocks Over 50 Camera Crew While Bending to Pick up Her Pen - 10 Hospitalised.  Bring Back Size Zero!"

I immediately called Mel who's response was "Oh my god what equipment was damaged?? Please don't say any Canon 5d Mach II's...." Typical of her to ask after the camera's before the people! 

The lights dimmed - I chucked my phone and got ready...

First to come out were my favourite married art duo the Battenberg-Cartwright's. I adore their story and their work and their love for each other. So many people marry for what they feel are traditional reasons and do it in a traditional way and it ends up a loveless disaster. These two have something else.... Maybe this couple who got married for art should start giving some lessons! Anyway, they looked amazing with red eye makeup and large bushells of flowers in their hair. He in a cropped white tailored jacket and draped bottom half and her in a gorgeous pink gown.

I love a man skirt, but this was the best I have ever seen. Fold upon fold upon fold of layered white cotton tied with a pink sash. It was unbelievably masculine despite the feminine influence. My favourite piece was a long sheer dress with vertical ruffles which perfectly followed and accentuated the curves of the female form. I would normally insert some sort of self deprecating remark that it wouldn't look as good on me as it did on the model but Ziad designs for all shapes and sizes so I have hope that it would!

A stunning girl in a long white dressed veiled in a piece of black netting, it was so innocent and delicate to watch. 

Streets full of lace, a corseted jesus, a haunting mime like white faced figure who tiptoed down the catwalk arms outstretched. A caped figure who poured paint down themselves from somewhere hidden. A delightful beauty in PVC and a voluminous baby doll dress made from miles of fabric skipped along, opened her umbrella to a shower of rose petals! It was unbelievable.... 


Ghanem's young niece stole the show in true diva style. Chin in the air, she was the most confident of a VERY confident bunch! You go girl! You too Ziad. Another amazing season... Thanks so much for having me...

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